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Integration of water and fertilizer

Integrated intelligent irrigation system with water and fertilizer can help producers to realize automatic water and fertilizer integrated management conveniently. The system is composed of upper computer software system, regional control cabinet, branch controller, transmitter and data acquisition terminal. By combining with the water supply system, intelligent control is realized. It can realize intelligent monitoring and control of water supply time, fertilizer concentration and water supply quantity in irrigation. The transmitter (soil moisture transmitter, flow transmitter, etc.) will monitor the real time irrigation. When the soil moisture of the irrigation area reaches the predetermined lower limit, the solenoid valve can be automatically opened. When the soil water content and liquid level of the monitored soil reach the preset irrigation quota, the solenoid valve system can be closed automatically. The rotation of the solenoid valve in the whole irrigation area can be adjusted according to the time period, and manual control of irrigation and collection of soil moisture can be carried out. The whole system can coordinate the work to implement rotational irrigation, improve the efficiency of irrigation water, achieve water saving, electricity saving, reduce labor intensity, and reduce labor input costs.

Through the operation of the touch screen, the user controls the control. The controller will automatically control the important parameters in the water and fertilizer process, such as the irrigation quantity, the amount of fertilizer, the concentration of fertilizer, the acid base degree, and so on, according to the formula of the user and the parameters of the irrigation process, and realize the timing and quantitative control of irrigation and fertilization. It is used for planting irrigation in multi span greenhouse, sunlight greenhouse, greenhouse and field.

System function:
        1. control and management of water consumption
        The two level water metering is realized. Through the export flow monitoring as the total amount of water in the region, the water volume of each branch pipe is calculated in real time through the data of each branch pressure sensing collection, and the automatic control function of the valve is combined to realize the water consumption meter for each valve control unit. At the same time, the pump introduces flow control. When the total amount of water is exceeded, the water will be restricted by remote control.

        2. running state real-time monitoring
        The water level of drip irrigation system can be monitored in real time through water level and video monitoring, and water shortage warning is released in time. Through the monitoring of water pump current and voltage, pressure and flow monitoring of outlet, flow and pressure monitoring of pipe distribution pipe, the irrigated events such as pipe, leakage and low pressure operation of drip irrigation system can be found in time, and Notify the system maintenance personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the drip irrigation system.

        3. valve automatic control function
        Through the real-time monitoring of farmland soil moisture information, microclimate information and crop growth information, the wireless or cable technology is adopted to realize the valve's remote control opening and closing and the timing wheel irrigation and closing. According to the information collected, the automatic opening of water pump and valve is made in combination with the water requirement of local crops and irrigation wheel irrigation. Automatic irrigation, fragmentation control and prevention of artificial misoperation are realized.

        4. operation and maintenance management function
        It includes the field management of system maintenance, state monitoring and system operation, the realization of remote decision-making management of regional water consumption measurement management, drought and irrigation forecast expert decision-making, information release and so on, and the integration and cost accounting of water, power consumption, irrigation quantity, maintenance, material consumption and so on, and the irrigation facilities and equipment Generate regular maintenance plan, record maintenance status, and realize meticulous maintenance and operation management of irrigation works.

        The automatic control system of water saving irrigation can fully play the role of existing water-saving equipment, optimize the dispatching and improve the efficiency. Through the application of automatic control technology, it can save water and energy, reduce the cost of irrigation and improve the quality of irrigation. It will make irrigation more scientific and convenient, and improve the management level.

        5. mobile terminal APP
        It is convenient for managers to view system information anytime and anywhere through mobile phone devices such as mobile phones, and operate related devices remotely.
Bright spot of intelligent irrigation system with integrated water and fertilizer
        (1) water saving and fertilizer saving - efficient water and fertilizer irrigation and precise regulation;
        (2) saving time and effort can rapidly and extensively irrigate and fertilize.
        (3) intelligent control - automatic feedback control irrigation based on soil moisture and other related parameters.
        (4) increase production -- the system can increase production by 30~50%.

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